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You maybe aware that some weeks the Society have been unable to cover all games which has lead to problems for clubs having to cover their own matches with whoever they could press gang . So I am writing to you on behalf of the Gloucester and District Referees Society to inform you of the creation of a new position within the Society of a Recruitment and Retention officer. This position has been created to promote the recruitment of referees in the County to ensure that there are more Referees available to cater for all clubs’ refereeing needs in the future.

The Society has appointed two Officers to the task, one to cover the Gloucester side and one to cover the Cheltenham side of our area.

The Officers are:-
Cheltenham side - John Bryant, 07902-236840
Gloucester side - Bill Clee, 07812-990090

We would hope that all clubs will assist in identifying and encouraging their members to volunteer to take up the whistle as it is in the interest of all clubs and players because without the referee there would be no games.

We have requested that your club’s Gladref representative or your next visiting referee put up a poster advertising our search and their contact details will be included for any interested people to get in touch. We may have representatives at certain tournaments, and the R&R Officers would be prepared to meet/talk with any interested parties prior to them committing to becoming involved in any training courses.

We are looking for any retiring players, active spectators or parents/coaches of Youth Development sections who may like to have a go. We will arrange their training courses and assist with further development after their initial qualification. Club Referees do not have to join the Referee Society but we are proposing to set up a Club Referee section within the Society where any candidate who didn’t want to join as a full active member can join, and enjoy the back-up of the RFU insurance.

They will be able to attend our monthly meetings where there is a continuous development training session and a room full of experienced ref’s who will willingly pass on knowledge and advice.

We are also looking to ask some of our experienced refs active, or retired, and also our team of assessors to visit their local clubs on occasions to watch and advise Club refs to assist them in improving their performance.

The important aspect is that anyone who referees at any level should have an acceptable qualification, whether it be at school, club or university, and should complete Stages 1 and 2, of the Entry Level Referee Award (ELRA) which will cover the following aspects of refereeing:

• Laws of the Game
• Management and Control
• Problem Solving
• Refereeing the Key Phases of the Game
• Positioning and Communication
• Child Protection.

A significant part of both Stages is practically based.
The course can be tailored to meet the requirements of your club:
Stages 1 & 2 can be covered over 2 days, 4 evenings or a mixture of days and evenings.

In Gloucestershire there are two Referee trainers and they can bespoke the course to suit you provided there are at least 7 people enrolling from your club or a combination of local clubs. We will however take individual applications and organise them into groups, finding a venue to suit.

We would ask that if possible Clubs could sponsor some interested candidates, the cost being £40, to take the two day course and become ‘official’ Club referees in the first instance, then if the candidate goes on to become full active Society members the fee will be refunded and we will be nearer to achieving our goal of covering all games.

Trust this will meet with your full support.


Bill Clee

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